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ProntoWiki is a wiki engine/site written in C# with VWD (Visual Web Developer), using ASP.NET 2.0 with SQLExpress or SQL 2005 as the backend. The wiki engine is quick and easy to use, and allows text markup equivalent to that of a rich text editor. Additionally, it accepts image and file attachments automatically through the web interface, which users can seamlessly integrate with page text. Automated markup is new in the beta release and makes page creation even easier. Other features include page preview prior to post/update, user authentication based on roles, a customizable appearance and layout using web parts, history tracking, and search functionality.

Pronotwiki offers site administrators a high level of control over page appearance and layout. Web parts allow the customization of page layout, and the site was built using the ASP.NET 2.0 Themes feature. The beta release is fully functional, and should be ready for deployment to systems ranging from a desktop developer's workstation to an enterprise web server. This version also features an administrative utility for managing users and user permissions.

For developers, the page code for the user administration module can easily be adapted to any website built with the default VWD 2005 user/role management tables.  If anyone develops new themes for the site that they would like to share with the rest of the user community, please send them to calberty AT gmail DOT com.


Thanks to the community for all the feedback from the Beta phase! This has seen a number of improvements to the wiki engine as well as to the overall site functionality, and the ProntoWiki team has promoted a Release Candidate for 1.0!

Please feel free to contact me via the site for any questions, support requests, or feedback.

Clay Alberty
June, 2006

ProntoWiki © 2006 Clay Alberty. Project freely redistributable under a BSD license.