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Introduction to ProntoWiki

A WikiWiki Web is meant to be a fast means of information recordation, sharing, and tracking, among other things. This project is based on and generally inspired by the original WikiWiki at The markup is designed to be simple and quick, obviating any specialized knowledge of HTML or other markup languages to create and share documents.


The basic system requirements of ProntoWiki are a windows-based PC running IIS 5.5 or later, with ASP.NET 2.0 installed. The files are written in C# code and are not compiled into an assembly. This means that to install the software one must simply copy the files into a directory on the web server, set that folder as a virtual directory, then browse to the URL. ASP.NET 2.0 requires the .NET framework version 2.0. If the framework is installed but ASP.NET is not run the aspnet_regiis.exe application located in the Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.x directory.

If not already done, the web server administrator should set default.aspx as a default document, which can be done from the IIS MMC snap-in in the control panel/administrative tools. Generally default.aspx is set by default. This allows you to point to the address without specifying the main page, e.g. http://someurl/wiki/ vs. http://someurl/wiki/default.aspx.

The engine has been tested with IE 6 and Firefox 1.3. It should work with any browser, although some of the javascript functions were coded specifically for these browsers.

SQLExpress Install

The most common problem on installation is a lack of permissions to the database file for the IIS user. If the web server displays an error message to the effect that it could not connect to the database, this is the first thing to check. Go into the App_Data directory under the ProntoWiki root folder. Select both the files in this folder, right-click, and select Properties. Go to the security tab and, if not present, add the IIS user with all rights. Full control is not required but read/write access is necessary. The IIS user is typically named IUSR_<MachineName>, although it may be running with with a different identity depending on the server configuration.

SQL Server 2005 Install

SQL Server 2005 will not (as far as I have been able to determine) read the file-based .mdf file that is distributed with ProntoWiki. The system administrator must set up a provider database on the system by running the aspnet_regsql.exe application from within the framework directory. The machine.config file's ConnectionString properties may have to be edited to get the system to recognize the newly created database. The administrator should then either run the PronotWiki_Full.sql script (located in App_Data) against the membership database or against a new database of their own creation. Modify the application-level web.config file to point to the database with the ProntoWiki tables and stored procedures.

The scripts do not create a user or any page content. To create a user, modify web.config per the README.TXT file contained in the distribution. Upon visiting the user.aspx page, the system will create the default roles in the membership database as needed.

First Use

When you have set up the files and pointed a web browser at the main page, you should be greeted by the following screen:

From here, sign in according to the instructions, and proceed to the user.aspx page. Change the administrator password and sign out. Return to the user.aspx page and sign up as a new user. You will automatically be granted edit privileges for all pages in the wiki. You can always sign back in as administrator to edit pages and customize the site layout. Click here for more help on site administration tasks.

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ProntoWiki © 2006 Clay Alberty. Project freely redistributable under a BSD license.