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Wiki Administration

Administering ProntoWiki

This is offered as a high level overview for site administrators and developers wishing to customize the site.

User Administration

To create a new user, go to the user.aspx page and use the create new user wizard. To modify an exising user, or to inactivate a login, go to the useradmin.aspx page. Only users in the administrators group can access useradmin.aspx. It is best practice when removing users from the site to inactivate rather than delete the users. To inactivate a user, click the Edit Details link next to a user, uncheck the active box, and click Update.

Custom Tags

Version introduces the ability for a system administrator to create custom formatting tags. The syntax is <<tagname>>text<</tagname>>, where tagname is the name of a css class in the theme's default.css file. This allows anyone with a basic knowledge of CSS and access to the server files to create any formatting imaginable. The only limit is that the tags cannot be nesterd - a separate class must be created for each set of circumstances for which custom formatting is desired.

Site Administration

The only other feature of site administration that takes place through the site interface is the web part configuration. When signed in as an administrator, select catalog from the list on the top right of the screen. If using IE, you can drag and drop the web parts where you like. In Firefox you must use the checkboxes, etc., to control the layout. Custom web parts are relatively easy to develop and can be added by creating the part then modifying the master page. Web part layout is by site, so whatever the administrator sets up will be reflected for all other users. Web part configuration is also customizable by page, so what is done for default.aspx will not automatically carry over to history.aspx, etc.

The Website Configuration Utility

In the IIS control panel, go to the folder properties for the ProntoWiki site. There will be an ASP.NET tab, on which is located a button labelled "Edit Configuration...". This launches the ASP.NET Configuration Settings manager.

Application Settings

Here is a rundown of the application settings:

  • pageTitle - the text that appears at the top of each page in the header bar
  • pageFooter - the text that appears at the bottom of each page
  • anonymousAccess - true by default. If set to false, anonymous access is denied beyond the home page, and users must register to view the site
  • defaultPage - the title of the page to load first
  • pageListCount - controls how many history elements are saved to the nav bar at the top of each page
  • pageListDivider - the separating character for the nav bar
  • defaultUserRoles - controls what roles newly registered users are added to
  • displayPageStats - prints debug information at the bottom of the page
  • maxPageLength - the maximum length accepted for page submissions, in bytes
  • numberOfAttachments - controls how many upload dialogs are displayed on the page edit view

The page theme can be changed on the Application tab. Available themes are MSN_Blue and MSN_Red. Custom Themes can be developed following the existing items in the App_Themes directory.

Known Issues

In build there are no known issues as of this writing. If you find any defects in the product please log them on the bugs page on


ProntoWiki © 2006 Clay Alberty. Project freely redistributable under a BSD license.